Critters of the Swatara Creek

When:  Thursday, August 20 at 7pm

Where: Camp Catherine in Hershey

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Join Penn State Extension educator Jennifer Fetter for a fun hands-on exploration of the Swatara Creek! There are many animals that we never see, living under the rocks and in the soil, that are an important part of the stream. We will be scientists and go out into the water to collect and examine what we find, drawing conclusions about the health of the Swatara Creek.

This program is recommended for youth in 2nd grade and up. Younger siblings are welcome to attend but will need direct supervision and assistance from parents/guardians so please use your best judgement. Old sneakers or tight fitting water shoes will be needed to go into the stream. Rain boots, flip flops, and loose sandals are NOT recommended. Please bring along a flashlight, and consider packing a change of clothes.

Register: Manada Conservancy's environmental education programs are free and open to the public. Please register here. Or call the office at 717-566-4122.

Speaker: Jennifer Fetter is the Watershed/Youth Development Educator for Penn State Extension. Her work includes developing and teaching water education programs to youth throughout PA.



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