Native Plants and The Manada Conservancy

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Why The Manada Conservancy has made Native Plant initiatives a priority

Hand in hand with land preservation is good stewardship. The Manada Conservancy, with our dual mission of land preservation and education, recognizes the need to provide information to help landowners to be good stewards of their land, and to enjoy and participate in the web of life to which we sometimes forget we all belong.

Native Plants

Over the centuries, we humans have greatly disrupted our environment. In many cases we have eliminated native vegetation and often we have replaced it with imported species. Native species, unlike imported species, are a part of the ecosystem and as such support a complex web of living organisms which are interdependent and help to keep nature in balance. Often we don't even notice many of the small ants, insects, spiders, etc. which form a part of this web, but they can play vital roles in the proper functioning of the ecosystem.

More visible are the birds and butterflies which flock to the native plants. If your only interest is in seeing these colorful creatures in your yard, that is sufficient reason to invest in native plants. One of the goals of The Manada Conservancy is to build awareness of the vital role which natives play in the landscape.

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