Vickroy Property

A hidden little gem of habitat

Sometimes, out of the blue, we get a phone call like this: “We have some land we’d like to donate the the Manada Conservancy.” This does not happen often, and when it does, we can’t always accept the land, but we were delighted to receive such a phone call from Richard and Doris Vickroy. This is a small parcel—just one half acre—but is another link in the long string of parcels which make up the Swatara stream bank corridor, and may, over time, create a continuous Greenway.

Once a lowland farm field, the parcel has become a wooded area, which serves as flood control and habitat in the long section of Derry Township Creek frontage. Because the Vickroys were not using the land, nature took its natural course, and even Mr. Vickroy was surprised when he saw the sycamores, silver maples, paw-paws and other typical floodplain species that had grown there. The pawpaw is a host for the Zebra Swallowtail butterfly, beautiful but not commonly seen, and on our first expedition to the property, we saw several of these fluttering by in the sunshine. We also saw Wood Ducks and other birds.

The property has no access from the road, so will remain a natural area, monitored by us and by the waterfowl and butterflies who call it home.