Native Plants

New Roots for the Native Plant Nursery!
Our native plant nursery is moving, and we need your help!

For many years, our native plants have been nurtured at the Cladel residence, but it is time to move to a more public and accessible location. We are thrilled to be partnering with East Hanover Township, which has provided us with a location in their new nature park. 

But–we now need to buy a shed, build a deer fence, supply water, and purchase a number of smaller items. Our incredible volunteers have been working overtime to plan, calculate, and physically relocate, all while in the middle of our current Spring Native Plant Sale! We have estimated the cost of the move at $10,000. Can you help us offset this cost?

Together we have planted the seeds of change throughout the years as thousands of our native plants have been planted throughout Dauphin County in yards, gardens and commercial plots, restoring native habitat for numerous species in our own backyards. Please help us “dig in” by donating to Manada Conservancy’s New Roots campaign by May 1st!


Our 21st Annual Spring Native Plant Sale is OPEN ONLINE
now through April 20th!

Manada Conservancy works to foster healthy ecosystems by encouraging the use of native plants in the home landscape. Native plants provide sustenance and habitat for the diverse creatures that are a part of a healthy ecosystem. These creatures include butterflies and other insects, birds, mammals, amphibians and invertebrates. Many native plants are disappearing for a variety of reasons, including development (habitat loss) and the incursion of alien invasive species.  Thousands of our native plants have been planted in the yards of those who purchase plants at our annual native plant sale each spring. We have also provided expertise and assistance in numerous restoration projects using native plants.