Detweiler-Stackpole Corner

Key Clark’s Valley location makes this property a win for conservation

From an island in Washington State to Pennsylvania, the three Detweiler siblings worked together to donate a conservation easement that preserved a very special corner property in Clark’s Valley. Though this property is not large (just eight acres) its key position made it a high priority preservation property for Manada Conservancy. Situated within the Kittatinny corridor, within the designated viewing area for the Appalachian Trail, and forming a scenic gateway into Clark’s Valley, the protection of the property serves numerous conservation purposes. Among them is a much-needed forested buffer for Clark’s Creek, which is just across the road from it.

Clark’s Creek has been designated by the Dauphin County Parks, Recreation,  Open Space, and Greenways Plan as an important conservation greenway. The Detweiler siblings, by signing the easement, honored both their family legacy and the beauty and value of this special piece of woodland.