Lauffer Farm

A proud legacy and a rich history

The mission of Manada Conservancy and the long-time desire of Max and Erika Lauffer came together to preserve this beautiful and historic farm in Londonderry Township. This conservation easement, placed on the 65 acres that have been in the Lauffer family since 1899, will ensure that the open space, agricultural value, wildlife value, and scenic beauty of the farm will be protected in perpetuity. This lovely and well-maintained property lies near Middletown, a short distance from the Swatara Creek, and includes wooded areas, meadows and farm fields. Iron Mine Run cuts through he property and empties into the Swatara Creek right at the border of another Manada Conservancy protected parcel. The Lauffer farm has a rich history, carefully documented by Max and Erika. The Lauffers put a lot of effort into making this conservation easement what they had envisioned for the property, and Manada Conservancy is deeply appreciative of their vision and determination to see their farm preserved. The project involved the help of many as a team effort. At the easement signing in 2005, then-president John Conner said, “It was a privilege to work with Max and Erika to realize their dream of preserving the farm.” Since placing the conservation easement, Max has passed, leaving a legacy that includes the preservation of this family farm for future generations.