Manada Gap Preserve

The Manada Gap Preserve is situated almost right in Manada Gap and can be accessed on foot (or horse) by the Horse-Shoe Trail.  It has interesting terrain, native Pennsylvania trees, is part of the Kittatinny Ridge Globally Important Bird Area, includes habitat for wood thrushes (a declining population in our area), and is scenic from both within and from afar.  It is now owned by Manada Conservancy and is available for all to enjoy. 

This wooded property was originally purchased by the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation (WBWF) through the Fort Indiantown Gap Army Compatible Use Buffer Program (ACUB).  WBWF gifted ownership to Manada Conservancy in the fall of 2022.  We then partnered with the Horse-Shoe Trail Conservancy (HSTC) to hold deed restrictions on it, granting the HSTC a permanent trail easement to get this portion of the trail off the road for the safety of hikers and equestrians. We are grateful to all the partners involved with this project.