Parkway West

A win for the Kittatinny Ridge and Paxton Creek

Manada Conservancy last preservation project of 2015 was a coalescence of conservation goals.  Within this project’s sixty-three plus acres preserved in Lower Paxton Township are headwaters to the Paxton Creek, floodplains, wetlands, fields and forested land.

The property, divided in halves by Parkway West, contains a large swath of hydric soils and floodplains and includes a substantial segment of the Paxton Creek, a tributary to the Susquehanna River.  The northeastern corner of the property lies on the Kittatinny Ridge, a natural feature which has been deemed of global importance as a migratory bird flyway.

It was a pleasure working with the Parkway Farms, Inc., board (owners of what was known as Shoemaker Farms in the 1930’s) to make the dream of preserving their family land a reality.

Permanent protection of wetlands, scenic vistas, and prime habitat…

We couldn’t have asked for much more!