Sherk Homestead

“Wind in the Willows”

In the summer of 1999, Manada Conservancy finalized an easement agreement on Mary Louise Sherk’s 6.5 acre farm in Lebanon County. At that time, Mrs. Sherk wrote the following reflections. Her own words can, perhaps, best describe her reasons for preserving this beautiful property.

“As I look from my field down across the wetlands I see, on the horizon, the silhouette of a strip mall, which houses a K-Mart, a Lowes, and now boasts brand new McDonald’s and Friendly’s restaurants. Is that not reason enough for taking action to preserve these six and one half acres of home, lawn, shade trees, field, pond, and wetlands from suburban sprawl?

Walking across the parched lawn this summer brought back memories of fun in the pond, planting of shade trees near the house (which now guard it from summer’s intense heat), and family memories of gardening, picnics, mowing, picking apples, bird-watching, being snowed in. I know a conservation easement on my home is a good thing.

I have daydreamed about a spot of green for anyone to enjoy through the years, but that would take planning and maintenance for years to come, which is beyond my reach. So preserving this little bit of nature through conservation easement with Manada Conservancy is an excellent idea. It will preserve this environment for families to enjoy for generations to come.

The rains have come (I write this while Hurricane Floyd is passing by). The lawn has greened, and the trees will find the moisture they so badly need. I hope future generations will find the pleasure of “Wind in the Willows” as refreshing and inspiring as I have through the years.” –Mary Louise Sherk

The homestead now has new owners who appreciate and care for the property as Mrs. Sherk did, and her legacy to protect this land will be carried forward through the conservation easement that she placed on it.