Swatara Stewardship

If you live along the Swatara Creek or are interested in learning more about landscaping practices to benefit the watershed, check out our Stewardship Packet to see what you can do to help.

Go Native
Native plant species ensure ecological sustainability, diminish pests, and support local wildlife.

Grow Together
Creek-side (or riparian) buffers protect water sources, prevent erosion, and provide habitat.

Get Involved
There are a number of ways to participate in improving the Swatara Creek watershed:
Take Manada Conservancy’s Swatara Stewardship Pledge!
– Add native plants to your property.
– Join us as a member and volunteer!

“The annual tree plantings organized by Manada Conservancy are a great way for our co-workers to connect with nature and create a positive impact right in our backyard,” says Tröegs co-founding brother, Chris Trogner. “As a company, we want to be a good neighbor not only locally along the Swatara Creek, but everywhere our beer is enjoyed. It goes without saying that clean water is essential when it comes to brewing great-tasting beer, and the Conservancy’s efforts to restore our waterways is a win for both the community and Tröegs.”

“The importance of the health of the Swatara Creek watershed continues to be a very high priority for us.  The improvements to the watershed that have been accomplished through the efforts of various partners and neighbors is truly commendable” shared Ken Gall, Director of Real Estate, Hershey Trust Company.