Clarks Creek Watershed Project

130 beautiful acres on Peter’s Mountain are now protected in perpetuity by Manada Conservancy. The Kittatinny Corridor, of which this land is a part, has high conservation value as a crucial migration highway for birds, a stronghold of forest habitat adding to climate change resiliency, rich in biodiversity, and a crucial contributor to water quality. It is within the designated habitat area for the endangered Allegheny Woodrat. It is a hotspot for Cerulean Warblers, one of the most vulnerable nesting songbirds, requiring undisturbed forested ridgetops. This land also provides a beautiful scenic backdrop of unbroken mountain terrain to those traveling through Clarks Valley.

Partnering with Fort Indiantown Gap, the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation and the owners who live on the land, we are privileged to be entrusted with protecting another of Dauphin County’s mountain woodland gems.