King Farm

A Family Dream, A Conservation Story

Every now and then, on a good day, a dream comes true somewhere.  December 22, 2010 was one of those good days for the entire King Family, who all wished for and supported the preservation of their family farm. Several generations of King family members called this farm home, walked in its woods, and worked its soil. It is this connection with the land, living on it long enough to get to know it, relying on it and experiencing its beauty, which turned into the love and determination that made them want to preserve it for others in the future.

It was also a fulfilled wish for Manada Conservancy.  We saw the intrinsic conservation value of the farm and hoped for the positive outcome from our fundraiser, one for which many people worked so hard. This was a special project for which we needed to raise significant funds before we could do the work required to place a conservation easement. It was a fine feeling to watch our community rally around this project and to know that so many share in the desire to keep our local farmland and natural areas available for the future. We are very grateful that many of you wanted to help us to make that wish a reality.

Because of a special effort, and with wonderful community support, this farm is preserved in perpetuity.