Lehman Farm

A gem in Derry Township

Pastures, mature forest, scenic beauty, and open space are getting more and more precious in Derry Township. Ken and Karen Lehman wanted to make sure that their beautiful and historic farm was not threatened by development, so in 1999 they placed a conservation easement on their property with Manada Conservancy. Not only do the 100+ acres surrounding the historic buildings afford them a “sense of place” for those buildings, but this is agricultural land as well, and will now remain available for farming into the future. This is a true “gem” of a farm, with rolling fields and woodlands and restored buildings, including a log cabin and a corncrib with vent windows in the shape of a star. The Lehmans have worked hard to restore and maintain their land and buildings, and it made sense to protect it. Said Mr. Lehman, “…there aren’t many farms left in Derry Township. Once its developed, its gone.” Now it will be protected in perpetuity.