Logan Farm Park

A new public park for Susquehanna Township—59 acres preserved

You might not expect native wildflowers, bear tracks, and bird nests within 50 feet of an interstate highway, and you might be surprised to see a heron catch a fish in a creek only a short distance from one of the largest interchanges in the area.  But at Logan Farm Park, these things happen. That is why this conservation project is so special.  This project is a landmark in Manada Conservancy’s preservation history as well, for many reasons.  It was the first time we partnered with a municipal entity, and the first time we tried to accommodate so many needs with so many parties (there is a stipulation in the easement that allows a potential sewer facility on a portion of the property). It is also our first project in Susquehanna Township, and the first along the Paxton Creek—a waterway that needs as much protection as possible along its length. Paxton Creek runs through some highly developed areas, was rerouted to construct I-81, feeds into Wildwood Lake and the HACC campus, and is a direct tributary to the Susquehanna River.

Speaking on behalf of his family, Scott Logan described their vision: “…Throughout these years and beyond, our family gave great attention to conservation and protection of the land and Paxton Creek, which provided good fishing and swimming holes for us kids. Under the direction of our mother, my sister (Diane) and I–along with whatever friends we could gather–planted thousands of small pine trees and other plants to combat the effects of erosion in the fields to the east and west of Paxton Creek.

“As urban sprawl and the construction of I-81 closed in on all four sides of the property, the land literally became an oasis in a desert of construction and development. It became the hope and dream of the entire family that as much of this unique and beautiful wooded land along the Paxton Creek as possible would be protected from this development process. We hoped to preserve the land in its natural state as a passive recreation area to be enjoyed by the public for activities such as hiking, bird-watching, picnicking….all in the peaceful and relaxing surroundings of an environmentally sensitive public park.

“In December 2013, this dream became a reality through the efforts and cooperation of Manada Conservancy, Susquehanna Township Authority, and Susquehanna Township as the commitment was made to establish Logan Farm Park on a significant portion of the land, with access to the public in the spring of 2014, and thereafter, in perpetuity. The Logan Family joins with these entities in making this commitment with the understanding that this pledge has been made by all involved to assure that the residents of Susquehanna Township and others nearby may enjoy this beautiful land just as much as it gave great happiness to the Logan Family over the years.”

The project was made possible by the Logan Family, Manada Conservancy, Susquehanna Township, the Susquehanna Sewer Authority, and Paxton Creek Watershed Association.