Neidich Properties

An Oasis along the Paxton Creek

Behind the commercial strip development on Linglestown Road, and between the patches of suburban sprawl along Colonial Road, meanders the Paxton Creek. It traverses scattered housing, was re-routed for Interstate 81, and feeds Wildwood Lake and then the Susquehanna River. Draining a 27-square mile area northeast of Harrisburg, the Paxton Creek is a threatened resource, and it needs every inch of protected forest buffer that it can get. Thanks to Doug and Nadine Neidich, it got some more. A 27-acre oasis for wildlife and water quality in Lower Paxton Township will now be off-limits to further development and disturbance.

Doug Neidich is no stranger to conservation, as evidenced by the careful planting of PA native trees, removal of invasive plants, and maintenance of the mature native woodlands that border the creek on his land. He is also an enthusiastic proponent of historic preservation; part of the protected wetland areas are near the historic Mount Hill Tavern which has been restored to preserve its special sense of place in history.

We are grateful to the Neidichs for their vision and their legacy of habitat, water quality protection, and open space in an area where it is so much needed.