Rohrer Woodland

A spectacular gift

In 2007, Vic and Jean Rohrer donated a conservation easement on their beautiful 77-acre woodland in West Hanover Township. Then, in 2014, they decided to donate the entire property to us. This was a tremendous gift, and it means that we now own an undeveloped timberland right on the ridge of First Mountain. It is one of the larger parcels remaining in the mountainous part of West Hanover Township, and there are several existing trails running through it, two historic stone spring covers and a varied and interesting terrain.

As a result of excellent management (Vic was a Forest Steward and had a management plan for the woodland), it is a healthy, productive forest. Along with being right on the Kittatinny Ridge, The Rohrer Woodland is within a designated Important Mammal Area.

Manada Conservancy is one of a number of organizations attempting to preserve the mountain corridor—as a resource which provides clean water, carbon sequestration value, wildlife habitat and scenic and historic beauty. This addition is a large piece to include in the corridor of protection along the Ridge. Manada Conservancy is developing a management plan for the tract, and determining how best to sustain is considerable conservation value. Because of the generosity and vision of the Rohrer Family, this Pennsylvania woodland will remain as it is—so that everyone can reap the enjoyment and benefits of an unspoiled forest. This spectacular gift belongs to all of us now.